EMC UIM: Mapping data failed, Failed to associate storage volume

EMC UIM v 4.0 Patch 2

During datastore provisioning EMC UIM created a LUN but did not add it to any of the Storage Groups and failed with “Mapping data failed” error:

Mapping data failed

Failed to associate storage volume

* Unable to push to device

* Unspecified Error. [ManagedObject] Action completed with a warning… […]

EMC UIM/P and Thick LUNs

EMC Unified Infrastructure Manager for Provisioning is a great product! It saves you a lot of time and helps you to automate a lot of tasks. The product has been in constant development and starting from v 3.0 finally became a product you would use on a regular basis. The upcoming new version of UIM/P […]

EMC VNX systems with iSCSI-attached hosts may have a storage processor (SP) reboot after 248 days of runtime.

Not so long ago we experienced a very strange outage on our old EMC VNX 5300. All NFS shares went down and the following alerts were present in Unisphere:

Data Mover failed over to standby:

EMC responded to ESRS alert and after short investigation, advised that both Storage Processors rebooted themselves as per […]

HOW TO: Configure a new Service Offering in EMC UIM/P

I am currently working on VMware vCloud Director Proof Of Concept and decided to use two spare UCS blades and some storage to build a test environment.

We are using Vblock 300HX and I recently rebuilt EMC UIM/P and imported current production cluster with EMC UIM/P Service Adoption Utility (I am working on the article […]

HOW TO: Configure EMC VNX Control Station and DataMovers to use a NTP Server

Open EMC Unisphere and login with your sysadmin account.

Navigate to Home, from drop down menu select ‘All Systems’ and then click on ‘Domains’:

Click on ‘Configure NTP’ Click OK on ‘NTP time synchronization will override manual clock settings. NTP is applied to the Local Domain only.’

Tick ‘Enable NTP’ and select time […]

HOW TO: Restart Unisphere Management Server

Restarting the Management Services should clear up any Unisphere UI issues or any discrepancies between Unisphere UI and Unisphere CLI.

Restarting the Management Services is a non disruptive task and can be perform without a downtime.

Note: This procedure must be performed on both Storage Processors to be effective!

Open a web browser and go […]