EMC RecoverPoint & VMware SRM/SRA compatibility matrix

I am currently upgrading VMware vSphere infrastructure from 5.0 Update 2 to 5.5 U1. As part of the upgrade, I need to upgrade VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 5.0.1 to 5.5.1 which is quite straight forward. Check out this and this articles.

But what about EMC RecoverPoint? We are currently running RecoverPoint 3.5 SP2 (p74) […]

EMC RecoverPoint upgrade fails: Unable to distribute ISO file.

EMC RecoverPoint 3.5.1 to 4.0 P1 upgrade fails.

During RecoverPoint “Prepare for Upgrade” wizard the RP upgrade ISO file were uploaded to the RPA. The problem was that the file name did not contain the MD5 checksum in the file name, i.e. “rel4.0.SP2.P1_m.29_release_emc.iso“.

Note from EMC RecoverPointSE Upgrade Guide:

IMPORTANT For all options, the ISO […]

Release of EMC RecoverPoint 4.0

Product description

The EMC RecoverPoint product family provides a comprehensive data protection solution for enterprise and commercial customers, providing integrated continuous data protection and continuous remote replication to recover applications to any point in time.

RecoverPoint systems enable reliable replication locally with one RPA cluster, and over any distance to up to four remote RPA […]

“Error: Invalid port or Certificate” appears in the RecoverPoint Management Console when adding vCenter Server

After RecoverPoint upgrade, both vCenters were not available in the RecoverPoint Management Console. When I tried to re-add vCenter, it failed with the error message “Operation Failed. Error: Invalid port or Certificate“.

I checked the user can access vCenter and the account is not locked out etc. If I remember correctly, it was not necessary […]

HOW TO: Reset / Unlock EMC RecoverPoint admin password

EMC RecoverPoint might not be the equipment you login to every day and, unless you have meticulously documented RecoverPoint installation and config, you may find yourself in a situation when you cannot login to RecoverPoint. What if you 100% sure that the password you use is correct but it still does not work?

Well, […]