VMware Host zoning for multi X-Brick EMC XtremIO storage array

VMware vSphere ESXi 5.5 and 6.0 have a limit of 256 LUNs per host:

In an environment where a host with two HBAs (VMware Best Practice) is connected to two fabrics and storage array with two Storage Controllers (EMC VNX, for example) the host will have four paths to a LUN: 2 Controllers […]

HOW TO: Configure EMC XtremIO user with Public Key authentication

EMC XtremIO array supports two types of authentication for internal users:

password public key

In case the user account is used to run scripts and you don’t want to expose the password, using public key authentication would be the preferred method.

In the following example we will configure Linux user to connect to XtremIO:

Login […]

HOW TO: Configure EMC XtremIO LDAP/AD Users Authentication

The EMC XtremIO Storage Array supports LDAP users’ authentication. Once configured for LDAP authentication, the XMS redirects users’ authentication to the configured LDAP or Active Directory (AD) servers and allows access to authenticated users only. Users’ XMS permissions are defined, based on a mapping between the users’ LDAP/AD groups and XMS roles.

The XMS server […]