EMC Ionix UIM/P: UCS Discovery Failed. Replace expired UCS certificate.

Cisco UCS Manager certificate expired and we had to re-generate it. See my ‘HOW TO: Regenerate expired UCS Manager certificate‘ blog post for details.

How to replace UCS certificate that was imported into UIM/P?

Well, in UIM/P 3.2 it is dead easy:

cd /opt/ionix-uim/tools ./

enter UCS IP address and UIM/P will do the rest. […]

HOW TO: Create server certificate and include DNS alias

By default certificates are tied to the exact server name they are created for. Which is normally the FQDN of the server. If you create a certificate for the server and then connect to it by the short name myserver / MyServer or by any other DNS aliases, the certificate will not be seen […]

Install and configure EMC UIM/P

Deploy UIM/P from OVF template; Verify the UIM/P services are running properly; uim001:~ # service uim-service-wrapper status uim-service-wrapper is running Enable JBoss JMX Console access: uim001:~ # cd /opt/ionix-uim/tools uim001:/opt/ionix-uim/tools # perl +========================================================+ | Password Update Utility | +========================================================+ | Available Commands: | | [A]uto-Generate All Passwords | | [C]hange Single Password | […]