VMware PowerCLI script to get VM's virtual and RDM disk information

I have been tasked to migrate several VMs with RDM disks between storage arrays / datastores. The data LUNs have been migrated/copied and all was left is the migration of the VM configuration files and RDM pointers. To make matter even worse, VMs in question were Oracle RAC clustered VMs therefore is was imperative to […]

EMC UIM: Mapping data failed, Failed to associate storage volume

EMC UIM v 4.0 Patch 2

During datastore provisioning EMC UIM created a LUN but did not add it to any of the Storage Groups and failed with “Mapping data failed” error:

Mapping data failed

Failed to associate storage volume

* Unable to push to device

* Unspecified Error. [ManagedObject] Action completed with a warning… […]

EMC UIM/P and Thick LUNs

EMC Unified Infrastructure Manager for Provisioning is a great product! It saves you a lot of time and helps you to automate a lot of tasks. The product has been in constant development and starting from v 3.0 finally became a product you would use on a regular basis. The upcoming new version of UIM/P […]

EMC VNX systems with iSCSI-attached hosts may have a storage processor (SP) reboot after 248 days of runtime.

Not so long ago we experienced a very strange outage on our old EMC VNX 5300. All NFS shares went down and the following alerts were present in Unisphere:

Data Mover failed over to standby:

EMC responded to ESRS alert and after short investigation, advised that both Storage Processors rebooted themselves as per […]

HOW TO: Configure Shared Diagnostic Partition on VMware ESX host

I meant to write this article for a very long time, even before I started this blog. Even took the screenshots and made a note of commands but never found time to do it. Well, better late than never! Besides, you don’t do it very often. Most likely only once, when you configure your ESX […]

HOW TO: Upgrade VNXe firmware

These instructions have been performed on EMC VNXe 3100 but should also be applicable to EMC VNXe 3150 and 3300.

Login to VNXe Unisphere; Settings > More Configuration… > Update Software; Click on Obtain Candidate Version Online, you will be redirected to EMC Online Support website where you can download VNXe Operating Environment firmware file […]

HOW TO: Find HBA WWN number on VMware vSphere ESX server

There are several ways to get HBA WWNs on VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi host:

vSphere Client; Using ESXi Shell; Using Powershell / PowerCLI script.

1. Connect to a server or vCenter, open server Configuration tab, under Hardware select Storage Adapters:

You can also copy WWNN (World Wide Node Name) and WWPN (World Wide Port […]