EMC VNXe 3200 upgrade completed with error message "The DPE has faulted"

We recently upgraded EMC VNXe 3200 storage array from to (VCE RCM 5.0.10 or 6.0.3). Upgrade completed successfully (the NFS services failed over and back between Storage Processors without any issues and the hosts did not lose connectivity to the storage) but at the last minute we received the following error messages:

“The […]

HOW TO: VCE Vblock® Systems Password Change

VCE Vblock consist of many components and when it gets built in the VCE factory, these components are configured with a standard VCE password(s). These passwords can be found in the documentation provided by VCE. This can be in a form of a spreadsheet or as part of VCE Vblock System As-Built documentation which also […]

VCE Vision vCenter Plug-In upgrade for vCenters in Linked Mode

VCE Vision 2.x has one-to-one relationship with Vblock / vCenter ie if you have two Vblocks / vCenters, you need to install two VCE Vision appliances and link them to the appropriate vCenter.

In my environment I have two Vblocks and their vCenters are configured in Linked Mode for ease of management.

I recently upgraded […]

VCE Vision: How to check Vblock System RCM and Security compliance

Compliance Checker

The Compliance Checker is a Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) based engine that provides compliance audit functionality for a target Vblock System. The Compliance Checker, which you can access using the Plug-in for vCenter, provides a set of criteria that determines Vblock System compliance with a specific content pack.

Available compliance content packs […]

VCE Vision: Changing access credentials for Vblock System components

VCE Vision software retrieves credentials from a configuration file to connect to the Vblock System components. In this way, VCE Vision software can access the components for discovery and health polling.

If the credentials to access a Vblock System component change, you must update the vblock.xml file to reflect that change.

Let’s login to […]

HOW TO: Upgrade VCE Vision

VCE RCM 5.0.5 adds support for the VCE Vision Intelligent Operations v. 2.6.2.

The upgrade procedure includes the following tasks:

Downloading the files you need to perform the upgrade. Installing an upgrade bundle on the VCE Vision virtual machine. The upgrade bundle does the following:

Applies security updates. Updates VCE Vision software, including the VCE […]

VCE Vision, Where is my Vblock?…

What is VCE Vision ™ Intelligent Operations?

Vblock™ Systems provide the world’s most advanced converged infrastructure — bringing together compute, network, storage, and virtualization for efficient and productive cloud computing environments. VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations software enables and simplifies converged operations by dynamically providing a high level of intelligence to your existing management toolset.

N.B. […]

HOW TO: Decommission or Detach Shared Storage Service in EMC UIM/P

EMC UIM/P Shared Storage Service is the new type of service that allows you to create and share storage between multiple Standard Services. For more in-depth information on the Shared Storage Service please refer to “EMC UIM/P (Nimbus) review” and “UIM/P 4.0 Release” posts.

ATTENTION! The initial release of UIM/P 4.0 had a serious bug! […]

New VCE Certification Exam and 50% off Discount Code

In April, VCE unveiled the VCE Certification Program, a brand-new technology curriculum to train IT professionals in designing, deploying and managing converged infrastructures.

On the 1st of December 2014 VCE advanced the certification program even further, focusing on IT pros who manage the operations of their organization’s converged infrastructure. This new “Manage Track” includes three […]

EMC UIM/P 4.1 new features: Add multiple vNICs, list Pending Network Changes

I have been playing with EMC UIM/P 4.1 recently and discovered a couple new features that were not available in the previous versions.

If you need to add new vNICs to an existing Service, you can now add them as a pair! Selected VLANs, MTU, Native VLAN, QoS and other Policies will be configured identically […]