After upgrading Cisco UCS B200 M4 blade firmware from 2.2(3e) to 2.2(5c) the following minor fault appeared:

Apparently, it is known Cisco bug.

Cisco Bug: CSCut10525: FlexFlash FFCH_ERROR_OLD_FIRMWARE_RUNNING error on B200 M4 Quickview: Details:

Symptom: After updating B200 M4 server firmware using MR3 build 169 bundle B, FFCH_ERROR_OLD_FIRMWARE_RUNNING is displayed on fault […]

HOW TO: Configure Cisco UCS power management for VMware DPM

Login to Cisco UCS Manager Configure Service Profile Management IP address Servers – Service Profile – Actions – Change Management IP address Change/Create IPMI user Servers – Policies – IPMI Access Policies IPMI over LAN – Enable Create IPMI user. The user name is CaseSENSITIVE! Check the policy is associated to the Service Profile […]

HOW TO: Configure Cisco UCS Manager LDAP/AD Users Authentication

Login to the UCS Manager as admin and navigate to Admin / User Management: Right-click on LDAP Providers and select Create LDAP Provider Bind DN: CN=DirectoryBind,OU=ServiceAccounts,OU=Administration,DC=internal,DC=vstrong,DC=local Base DN: DC=internal,DC=vstrong,DC=local Filter: sAMAccountName=$userid Click Next Click Finish Right-click on LDAP Provider Groups and select Create LDAP Provider Group Type the Group name and include appropriate LDAP […]

VCE Vision: Changing access credentials for Vblock System components

VCE Vision software retrieves credentials from a configuration file to connect to the Vblock System components. In this way, VCE Vision software can access the components for discovery and health polling.

If the credentials to access a Vblock System component change, you must update the vblock.xml file to reflect that change.

Let’s login to […]

HOW TO: Reclaim Cisco UCS Chassis ID?

Today one of our Solution Architects asked me how to reclaim Cisco UCS Chassis ID.

Someone has decommissioned a previous chassis and removed it physically! It was done weeks/months ago and chassis is gone.

If you try to recommission chassis with original ID you’ll get error: Error: Update failed: [Chassis 3 has already been allocated […]

Cisco UCS: Add/Remove VLAN on vNIC using Powershell

Recently I worked in the environment where we needed to modify multiple UCS Service Profiles, adding and removing VLANs to/from vNICs.

If you are using vNIC templates – it is just a few clicks and you are done. But what if you don’t? What if you have 20 Service Profiles and each has 10 vNics […]

Unable to create Tech Support file for UCS Manager – workspace partition is full.

Creation of ‘ucsm’ Tech Support file (Technical support data for the entire UCSM instance) for UCS Manager has failed with the following error message:

‘Failed to create the Technical Support file. Please make sure that there is enought space on bootflash. For Example:- You can delete unused firmware images to free up bootflash space’


EMC Ionix UIM/P: UCS Discovery Failed. Replace expired UCS certificate.

Cisco UCS Manager certificate expired and we had to re-generate it. See my ‘HOW TO: Regenerate expired UCS Manager certificate‘ blog post for details.

How to replace UCS certificate that was imported into UIM/P?

Well, in UIM/P 3.2 it is dead easy:

cd /opt/ionix-uim/tools ./

enter UCS IP address and UIM/P will do the rest. […]

Unable to access CIMC on Cisco UCS server. Error 2001: Service not available.

I could not access the CIMC of the Cisco UCS C210 M2 server and received a “Error 2001: Service unavailable” error message. All menus / options were also greyed out.

I tried to reboot CIMC (Admin tab, Utilities, Reboot CIMC) but it did not help.

According to Release Notes for UCS C-Series Software, […]

HOW TO: Upgrade Cisco UCS CIMC via CLI


SSH client. Putty, for example; TFTP server. 3CDaemon, for example; CIMC firmware upgrade file. Please check this blog post for the information how to download CIMC firmware.


Upload CIMC firmware upgrade file ‘upd-pkg-c200-m1-cimc.full.1.4.3p.bin‘ to the folder where TFTP server is distributing software from; SSH to CIMC IP address and change management mode to […]