VMware vCenter Single Sign-On (SSO) upgrade runs out of disk space and fails

VMware: vCenter 5.5 Update 2d in Linked Mode OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 vCenter SSO: Multisite deployment VMware vCenter 5.5 Update 2e: Release Notes & Installation and Upgrade Issues

I tried to upgrade VMware vCenter 5.5 from Update 2d to Update 2e. The Linked Mode was unconfigured prior to upgrade.

All services were running OK […]

VCE Vision vCenter Plug-In upgrade for vCenters in Linked Mode

VCE Vision 2.x has one-to-one relationship with Vblock / vCenter ie if you have two Vblocks / vCenters, you need to install two VCE Vision appliances and link them to the appropriate vCenter.

In my environment I have two Vblocks and their vCenters are configured in Linked Mode for ease of management.

I recently upgraded […]

HOW TO: Upgrade VMware vCenter Operations Manager

In my “The Diary of a Keen Upgrader” post I already mentioned the steps required to upgrade vCenter Operations Manager. I have another environment where vCOPs upgrade was required and I thought I should document it.

The procedure consists of two steps (here):

Upgrade vCenter Operations Manager vApp; Upgrade the OS to SUSE Linux Enterprise […]

HOW TO: Use VMware vCenter Update Manager to Upgrade VMware ESXi hosts

I recently upgraded VMware environment from vSphere 5.0 to vSphere 5.5 and thought I should document the host upgrade process.

For detailed instructions please refer to the “Upgrading and Migrating Your Hosts” topic of the vSphere Upgrade Guide.

Connect the vSphere Client to a vCenter Server with which Update Manager is registered; Open Update Manager, […]

The Diary of a Keen Upgrader

Today I am wearing my “Keen Upgrader” hat!

I have been upgrading my lab environment and got stuck with VMware vCenter Operations Manager upgrade. The procedure is quite straight forward and is well documented.

The procedure consists of two steps (see here):

Upgrade vCenter Operations Manager vApp; Upgrade the OS to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server […]

HOW TO: Remove unwanted plug-ins from VMware vCenter Server

When using third-party management products for vCenter Server, these plug-ins appear in the Available Plug-ins list. Some of these products may not have an uninstaller to remove the entry under Available Plug-ins or have been deleted/uninstalled before the plug-in was unregistered from vCenter.

For example, we ran a PoC for vFabric Data Director in the […]

VMware vCenter Support Assistant Appliance: Cannot connect to the lookup service at the specified URL.

VMware vCenter Support Assistant Appliance installation step 1 – Configure “Lookup Service address” failed with the error message: “Cannot connect to the lookup service at the specified URL. Check if the URL is correct”.

I tested the URL and DNS configuration on the VA – all OK. Tried the FQDN of the vCenter […]

Unable to remove permissions in vCenter

One of my customers was getting a strange error when trying to remove permissions in vCenter:

The “Remove Permission” operation failed for the entity with following error message. The object or item referred to could not be found.

But the user was there! I asked him to add a new user and then remove […]

“Error: Invalid port or Certificate” appears in the RecoverPoint Management Console when adding vCenter Server

After RecoverPoint upgrade, both vCenters were not available in the RecoverPoint Management Console. When I tried to re-add vCenter, it failed with the error message “Operation Failed. Error: Invalid port or Certificate“.

I checked the user can access vCenter and the account is not locked out etc. If I remember correctly, it was not necessary […]

VMware products firewall configuration

What ports do I need to open for VMware vSphere ESXi 5.x and vCenter Server / Update Manager?

You can study vSphere Installation and Setup guide and VMware vSphere 5.x Security Guide. I also found VMware KB 1012382 article: TCP and UDP Ports required to access vCenter Server, ESX hosts, and other network components and, […]