HOW TO: Restart Unisphere Management Server

Restarting the Management Services should clear up any Unisphere UI issues or any discrepancies between Unisphere UI and Unisphere CLI.

Restarting the Management Services is a non disruptive task and can be perform without a downtime.

Note: This procedure  must be performed on both Storage Processors to be effective!

  1. Open a web browser and go to https://SP_IP_or_FQDN/setup, where ‘SP_IP_or_FQDN’ is Storage Processor’s IP address or the host name
  2. Login with ‘sysadmin’ user account and password or any other account with administrator privileges
    Click Submit.
  3. You will see Storage Processor’s Network Configuration page:
  4. Scroll down the page
    Click ‘Restart Management Server‘ button
  5. From the Restart Management Server screen, confirm whether or not you want to restart the Management Server. If you select Yes, the Management Server will stop and restart in the node.
    Click Submit.
  6. This breaks the connection of the web page to the Management Server. You can reconnect to the Management Server later. Note: This can take up to 10 minutes.
  7. Once the first Service Processor reboot has occurred and you are able to log back into that Service Processors’ Web Services then proceed to the second Service Processor.

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