HOW TO: Upgrade VMware vCloud Networking and Security / vShield Manager, vShield Endpoint, vShield App, vShield Edge

In this guide I will take you through the vCloud Networking and Security / vShield Manager and components upgrade to version This release addresses Shellshock vulnerability (VMware KB 2091218).

Before you proceed with the upgrade, please confirm the new version is compatible with the existing VMware and other security products in your environment (Trend […]

VMware vCloud Connector Server upgrade

I tried to upgrade VMware vCloud Connector Server but the upgrade got stuck at “Checking for available updates…” and Check Updates button was greyed out even after restarting the vCC Server.

In order to stop vCC from continuing in this state perform the following steps:

In the vCC Server web interface go to the […]

Scripted installation / upgrade of VMware Tools

I needed to upgrade VMware Tools on a large number of virtual machine for a customer who is currently going through a migration from VMware ESX 4.1 to VMware ESXi 5.5. The customer is also going to use Trend Micro Deep Security for the host level antivirus protection and therefore needs to install VMware Tools […]

EMC UIM/P upgrade from version 4.0 to 4.1 may fail.

Please follow ‘HOW TO: Upgrade EMC UIM/P‘ blog post for instructions how to upgrade UIM/P.

When performing UIM/P upgrade from version 4.0 to 4.1 it may fail with the following error message:

Last Install: Failed to install updates (Error while running pre-install scripts)

If you check /opt/ionix-uim/logs/appliance-update.log you will see the following:

Version – […]

EMC VNXe upgrade failed: Extracting the image on peer SP

Array: EMC VNXe 3100 Current version – Candidate version –

EMC VNXe firmware upgrade failed at 15% with the following error message:

“Software Update failed: Extracting the image on peer SP The following error(s) caused the software upgrade to fail:

The upgrade has failed. Try rebooting the Storage Processor (SPA) and […]

EMC UIM/P: OS image is not available after upgrade

I discovered another post-upgrade problem with UIM/P. I could not select OS image when configuring a new Service Offering in UIM/P.

UIM/P 3.2: UIM/P 4.0 BETA (Nimbus): When you click on ‘Enable Connection’ the following error messages displayed:

The passphrase used in both of the following files did not match, causing the password failure for […]

HOW TO: Upgrade Cisco Nexus 1000V VSM and VEM

Download Cisco Nexus 1000V upgrade code from Cisco web site: These instructions will be for Cisco Nexus 1000V Release 4.2(1)SV1(5.2b).

Software:; Release Notes: Extract the following files from VSM – Nexus1000v.4.2.1.SV1.5.2b.zipVSMUpgrade: nexus-1000v.4.2.1.SV1.5.2b.bin – system software image; nexus-1000v-kickstart.4.2.1.SV1.5.2b.bin – kickstart software image VEM – Nexus1000v.4.2.1.SV1.5.2b.zipVEM: VMware vSphere ESX 4.1 – VMware […]

EMC UIM/P upgrade failed

After I upgraded UIM/P as per <these> instructions and restarted the appliance, I could not longer open UIM/P Management Logon Page. The following error message was displayed:

———————————————————————————— UIM/P Unavailable UIM/P is unable to service your request at this time. Please allow a few minutes to ensure UIM/P services are ready and try again. […]

HOW TO: Upgrade EMC Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager/Provisioning (UIM/P)

Here is how you upgrade UIM/P:

Power down UIM/P and take a snapshot; Upload UIMP-3.X.X.X.XXX-Update-Media.iso to a datastore where it can be mounted to UIM/P virtual appliance; Mount Update Media ISO file to UIM/P virtual appliance and power it back on; Open UIM/P upgrade page by navigating to https://<hostname>:5480, where <hostname> is UIM/P FQDN or […]

HOW TO: Upgrade Cisco UCS Manager, Fabric Interconnects, I/O Modules and B-Series blade server firmware

These instructions are for Cisco UCS B200 M2 blade server firmware upgrade from 2.0(1q) to 2.0(3a) (Vblock support matrix 2.5.9).

Before you start downloading firmware and upgrading UCS Manager and the blades, it may be a good idea to go through some housekeeping: Login to UCS Manager. Verify overall status of Fabric Interconnects, I/O Modules, […]