VMware vCloud Connector Server upgrade

I tried to upgrade VMware vCloud Connector Server but the upgrade got stuck at “Checking for available updates…” and Check Updates button was greyed out even after restarting the vCC Server.

VMware vCloud Connector Server Upgrade

In order to stop vCC from continuing in this state perform the following steps:

  1. In the vCC Server web interface go to the Update section where we see the ‘Checking for available updates…’ message being displayed. Please then choose the Settings tab within the Update section;
  2. Under the Update Repository section please set the update to point to ‘Use CDROM Updates’. Hence you cannot manually initiate vCC Server upgrade, you also need to set vCC Server to automatically check for new updates by selecting “Automatic check for updates” and schedule the check to run at the next full hour. Unfortunately, there is no option to set the time more granularly, you may need to wait for the schedule to kick in.  Click Save Settings under Actions;
    VMware vCloud Connector Server Upgrade - Settings
  3. Shut down the vCC Server (System Tab, Shutdown) and attach CDROM .ISO file (as vCC does not come with CDROM drive per-configured, you need to add it to the VA). Any .ISO file will do;
  4. Restart the vCC Server and wait for the update process to check for update, it should then fail due to invalid .ISO;
    VMware vCloud Connector Server Upgrade - Check Updates
  5. Reconfigure Update Settings back to ‘No automatic updates’ and ‘Use Default Repository’, click Save Settings.
  6. Go back to the Status tab, click on Check Updates and then on Install Updates.
    VMware vCloud Connector Server Upgrade - Install Updates

Hope this helps.

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