EMC UIM SAU: Cannot adopt a Service from existing Service Offering

In my ‘EMC UIM Service Adoption Utility (SAU)‘ article I talked about a potential need to amend the Service Offering template that will be used for multiple Services during adoption through UMC SAU. See Step 13 for details.

Some services could not be adopted using an Existing Service Offering and the adoption failed with the following error message:

EMC UIM - Cannot adopt a service using existing Service Offering

The selected Service Offering does not match for these reasons:

  • There was no network adapter that satisfies this network constraint…
  • Network adapter XXX does not match any network constraint…

The screenshot above shows the error message in EMC UIM/P 4.1 where VLAN IDs is used to configure vNICs, rather than VLAN names like in previous version. Side Note: This is really annoying and I complained about this approach to the development team. I hope they will listen to their customers. This issue is not specific to UIM/P 4.1, it existed in previous versions as well.

These errors do not make any sense as the existing Service Offering we try to use in the EXACT copy of the Service we try to adopt – see ‘EMC UIM Service Adoption Utility (SAU)‘ article, steps 14 to 20.

No, we are not going mad, it is just a bug!

The workaround is to allow the SAU to create a new Service Offering until the fix is released in UIM 4.1 P3 (no release date currently available).

I hope this will help.

2 comments to EMC UIM SAU: Cannot adopt a Service from existing Service Offering

  • Hi Mark,

    I noticed that sometimes only option to solve all 4.1 issues is deploying fresh instance and readopt everything back.
    It seems to be an issue (not always) if initial database was 3.2 or older.
    Of course it will not help with this particular issue but it’s worth to consider – especially if your current db is quite big.
    As always – if you need any help – ;)


    • Thank you Ziggy,
      I understand this may be the only option to clean the database and get rid of any misalignment between the versions. The only problem is the time it take to go through the fresh install and re-adoption!!!
      I have done it several times and it is a pain! But again, this may be the opportunity to get it right and use UIM for all Service changes going forward.
      Being VCE Partner, I would be happy to do it for VCE customers on a shot term engagement.

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