EMC UIM: vCenter synchronization failed

We discovered another bug in EMC UIM/P 4.x where VMFS volumes are not syncing with vCenter.

Here are the error messages:

  • In the vCenter Sync Status:
    EMC UIM - The operation failed - 2

The operation failed.

* Overall status of X successful hosts X failed disks


  •  All those “failed disks” are LUNs that are configured as VMFS datastores.
    EMC UIM - The operation failed

The operation failed.

* System error Validation Error(s) occurred during save():
– Field error in object ‘viu.Host’ on field ‘disks.uuid’: rejected value [null]; codes [viu.Disk.uuid.nullable.error.viu.Host.disks.uuid,viu.Disk.uuid.nullable.error.disks.uuid,viu.Disk.uuid.nullable.error.uuid,viu.Disk.uuid.nullable.error,disk.uuid.nullable.error.viu.Host.disks.uuid,disk.uuid.nullable.error.disks.uuid,disk.uuid.nullable.error.uuid,disk.uuid.nullable.error,viu.Disk.uuid.nullable.viu.Host.disks.uuid,viu.Disk.uuid.nullable.disks.uuid,viu.Disk.uuid.nullable.uuid,viu.Disk.uuid.nullable,disk.uuid.nullable.viu.Host.disks.uuid,disk.uuid.nullable.disks.uuid,disk.uuid.nullable.uuid,disk.uuid.nullable,nullable.viu.Host.disks.uuid,nullable.disks.uuid,nullable.uuid,nullable]; arguments [uuid,class viu.Disk]; default message [Property [{0}] of class [{1}] cannot be null]

Engineering team confirmed it’s a bug and it will be fixed in EMC UIM/P 4.1 P3. We don’t have the release date yet.

Stay tuned!

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