UCS Manager 2.1 “Delmar” Released

New Hardware Features in Release 2.1
Release 2.1(1a) adds support for the following:
  • Cisco UCS CNA M73KR-Q Adapter for B-series M3
  • VIC 1225 Adapter for C-series
  • C420 M3 Server
New Software Features in Release 2.1
Release 2.1(1a) adds support for the following:
  • Storage
    • UCSM based FC Zoning – Direct Connect Topologies
    • Multi-Hop FCoE
    • Unified Appliance Port
    • Inventory and Discovery Support for Fusion-IO and LSI PCIe Mezzanine Flash Storage (for UCS M3 blades)
  • C-series Single Wire Management
  • Fabric
    • Sequential Pool ID Assignment
    • PV Count Optimization (VLAN Compression. Only available on 6248/6296 Fabric Interconnect)
    • VLAN Group
    • Multicast Policy with IGMP Snooping and Querier
    • Org-Aware VLAN
    • LAN/SAN Connectivity Policies for Service Profile Configuration
    • VCON Enhancement
    • Cisco CNA NIC Multi-receiving Queue Support
    • VM FEX for KVM SRIOV
    • VM FEX for Hyper-V SRIOV
  • Operational enhancements
    • Firmware Auto Install
    • Mixed Version Support (For Infra and Server bundles firmware)
    • Service Profile Renaming
    • Fault Suppression
    • UCSM Upgrade Validation Utility
    • FSM Tab Enhancement
    • Native JRE 64 bits Compatibility with OS and Browsers
    • Lower Power Cap Minimum for B Series RBAC Enhancement
    • CIMC is included in Host Firmware Package (Management Firmware Package deprecated).
    • Implicit upgrade compatibility check
  • Support for UCS Central

Cisco UCS Manager 2.1 Release Notes, Data Sheet, Software download.

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator download.

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