HOW TO: Upgrade old VMware Tools

In my last project the customer had a large number of virtual machines with a really old VMware Tools installed, some with version 3.1.0000. Neither Automatic nor Interactive Tool Upgrade worked. I tried to uninstall VMware Tools via Add/Remove Programs but it did work not either as Windows Installer could not find VMware Tools.msi.

The question is “Where can I download previous / old version of VMware Tools from?”
Here is the link:

If you cannot find the source code / ISO of exact version of VMware Tools installed on the virtual machine, then just find the version closest to the version installed and run the upgrade.

For example, when I could not find the source files for VMware Tools version 3.1.0000, I upgraded VMware Tools to v. 3.5.0 – 110268 and then upgraded the tools to the latest version through Automatic/Interactive Tools Upgrade.

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