Trend Micro Deep Security – Cancel Scheduled Malware Scan

I noticed some of the scheduled Malware Scans take too long to complete.
Trend Micro Deep Security - Processing Scans
It is not clear how to identify what VMs/Client are still being scanned. You cannot just click on the status bar and get redirected to the corresponding tasks.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Navigate to Computers tab;
  2. Sort computers by Status:
    Trend Micro Deep Security - Sort computers by status
  3. Go through the list and find Clients/VMs with ‘Scheduled Malware Scan in Progress‘ or ‘Scheduled Malware Scan Pending‘ status:
    Trend Micro Deep Security - Scheduled Malware Scan in Progress + Pending
  4. Right-click on the Client or the whole group of Clients, select Actions and then Cancel Malware Scan.

Hope this will help.

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