HOW TO: Backup / Restore EMC UIM/P database, collect the logs.

Backup/Restore UIM/P database:

uim001:/opt/ionix-uim/tools # ./
 Would you like to back up your current data? [y/n]
 Backing up database...
 Backing up files...
 Building backup image file...
 Backup file created: /opt/ionix-uim/data-image/backup-image-

 To restore this data file, type: backup-image-

Collect UIM/P logs:

uim001:/opt/ionix-uim/tools # ./ all
 adding: opt/ionix-uim/logs/cflist.3.log (deflated 95%)
 adding: opt/ionix-uim/logs/ssh.log (stored 0%)
 adding: messages_16-9-2013.log (deflated 95%)

The logfile zip is at /opt/ionix-uim/logs/ (121345020 bytes)

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