HOW TO: VCE Vblock® Systems Password Change

VCE Vblock consist of many components and when it gets built in the VCE factory, these components are configured with a standard VCE password(s). These passwords can be found in the documentation provided by VCE.  This can be in a form of a spreadsheet or as part of VCE Vblock System As-Built documentation which also includes all technical details for your Vblock (host names, IPs, serial numbers, Site IDs, diagrams etc).

Obviously, it is a security risk to keep standard passwords when Vblock goes into production and therefore it is recommended to get them changes according to your security standards.

If you are not familiar with where and how to change the default passwords, this can be quite time consuming process.  But there is no need to stress about this anymore!  VCE have finally released a document that lists the procedures for changing password on all Vblock components.

The VCE Vblock Systems Password Management document is available on VCE Support Portal under Article Number 3581 / vce3581 (requires VCE Support Portal account).


PS My Default Passwords page has a good selection of standard passwords for EMC, Cisco and VMware products as well.

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