VCE Vision vCenter Plug-In upgrade for vCenters in Linked Mode

VCE Vision 2.x has one-to-one relationship with Vblock / vCenter ie if you have two Vblocks / vCenters, you need to install two VCE Vision appliances and link them to the appropriate vCenter.

In my environment I have two Vblocks and their vCenters are configured in Linked Mode for ease of management.

I recently upgraded VCE Vision and the Plug-In for vCenter in one Vblock and noticed that the VCE Vision Plug-In stopped displaying Vblock information in the linked vCenter (although vCenters are in the Linked Mode, you need to use the URL of the second vCenter when you launch vCenter Web Client).

DC1: VCE Vision and the Plug-In for vCenter are v. 2.6.3

VCE Vision IO Plug-In for vCenter - DC1

DC2: VCE Vision Plug-In for vCenter is v. 2.6.3 but the appliance is still 2.6.2

VCE Vision IO Plug-In for vCenter - DC2

If you have two vCenters in Linked Mode and upgrade VCE Vision appliance and the plug-in for vCenter in one environment, the plug-in will be upgraded on the linked vCenter as well.

Let’s check the VCE Vision Plug-In for vCenter files, by default they are in “C:ProgramDataVMwarevSphere Web Clientvc-packagesvsphere-client-serenity

  • The top screenshot is the vCenter Plug-Ins folder on the first vCenter where plug-in was upgraded from 2.6.2 to 2.6.3. You can see the date and time when the plug-in was upgraded and vCenter Web Client service restarted;
  • On the bottom screenshot we see the plug-in folder on the second (linked) vCenter. As you can see, the plug-in has been upgraded as well.

VCE Vision IO Plug-In for vCenter - DC1 & DC2

I am not sure if it is a bug or a feature, I will forward these findings to VCE Vision development team for analysis.

In the meantime, if you have vCenters in Linked Mode, please upgrade VCE Vision virtual appliances and the Plug-Ins one straight after the other.

PS For the instructions how to upgrade VCE Vision IO virtual appliance and the Plug-IN for vCenter, please refer to “HOW TO: Upgrade VCE Vision” article.



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