EMC UIM/P 4.1: Unable to provision VPLEX service

Since version 4.0 EMC UIM/P is able to provision and manage VPLEX Services.

EMC VPLEX is a great product for DR solutions, for more information check out

In my case provisioning VPLEX service was failing with error:

VplexServiceProvisioningService Failed to do frontend masking…

VPLEX was configured as metro cluster so there were 2 Standard Services – one on Vblock A and second on Vblock B and VPLEX service created with vSphere cluster settings.

Given error was all we’ve got, there were not much more in the logs that can point us in the right direction.

After a while we noticed that all services had the same name!

This is possible in UIM because these are 3 completely different objects with different ID’s and should not conflict with each other. But, for some reason, UIM/P was unhappy about this!

Simple solution was decommission all Services, create new ones with distinguished names, for example:

My-VPLEX-Cluster-A – for Standard Service on Vblock A

My-VPLEX-Cluster-B – for Standard Service on Vblock B

My-VPLEX-Cluster – for VPLEX service

and that’s it!

(c) Zbigniew ‘Ziggy’ Misiak

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