HOW TO: Upgrade VMware vCloud Networking and Security / vShield Manager, vShield Endpoint, vShield App, vShield Edge

In this guide I will take you through the vCloud Networking and Security / vShield Manager and components upgrade to version This release addresses Shellshock vulnerability (VMware KB 2091218).

Before you proceed with the upgrade, please confirm the new version is compatible with the existing VMware and other security products in your environment (Trend […]

vShield Manager stopped working

All of a sudden vShield Manager stopped working this morning. I could not open management web page (Page Cannot Be Displayed…) but I was able to ping VSE, console worked OK and IP address was shown on the Summary tab. After couple of reboots vShield Manager did not even show the IP address.

The problem […]

HOW TO: Upgrade vShield Manager, vShield Endpoint and don’t break Trend Micro DSVA

We are currently in a process of upgrading out VMware environment to 5.0 Update 1 and therefore need to upgrade vShiled Manager and Vmware Endpoint. We managed to get Trend Micro Deep Security Virtual Appliances under control (See my “Trend Micro Deep Security: Anti-Malware Engine Offline” post) and did not want vShield Manager upgrade to […]