Scripted installation / upgrade of VMware Tools

I needed to upgrade VMware Tools on a large number of virtual machine for a customer who is currently going through a migration from VMware ESX 4.1 to VMware ESXi 5.5. The customer is also going to use Trend Micro Deep Security for the host level antivirus protection and therefore needs to install VMware Tools […]

HOW TO: Check if VMware vShield driver is installed and running

Login to the server Run msinfo32.exe Navigate to “Software Components“, “System Drivers“ Check if the ‘vsepflt‘ / ‘VFileFilter‘ system driver is in the list and the state is ‘Running’

HOW TO: Upgrade old VMware Tools

In my last project the customer had a large number of virtual machines with a really old VMware Tools installed, some with version 3.1.0000. Neither Automatic nor Interactive Tool Upgrade worked. I tried to uninstall VMware Tools via Add/Remove Programs but it did work not either as Windows Installer could not find VMware Tools.msi.

The […]