Vblock Setup Validation Failed. MDS is not enabled for NPIV

Environment: EMC Unified Infrastructure Manager/Provisioning – Version 4.1 P 01 (Build

All of a sudden I could not provision any more datastores or, on close inspection, perform any changes to the Services.

The usual troubleshooting steps of restarting UIM services (service uim-device-services restart), restarting UIM appliance and Rediscovering Vblock did not help.

I tried […]

EMC UIM/P upgrade from version 4.0 to 4.1 may fail.

Please follow ‘HOW TO: Upgrade EMC UIM/P‘ blog post for instructions how to upgrade UIM/P.

When performing UIM/P upgrade from version 4.0 to 4.1 it may fail with the following error message:

Last Install: Failed to install updates (Error while running pre-install scripts)

If you check /opt/ionix-uim/logs/appliance-update.log you will see the following:

Version – […]

EMC UIM/P cannot start vCenter synchronization

Environment: EMC UIM 4.0 upgraded to UIM 4.1

You may get the following error messages when trying to start vCenter synchronization:

* Error initiating synchronization. viu.error: key not found

This happens because UIM/P 4.1 doesn’t like special characters like ‘ & ‘ and ‘ ! ‘ etc. in neither Service Offering name nor in Service […]

UIM/P with VMAX – unable to expand striped meta volumes

Currently UIM/P is unable to expand striped metavolumes on EMC VMAX.

If you try to expand stripped metavolume, you get the following error message:

Why is it not supported by UIM? Simple answer is because it’s quite complicated procedure. But nevertheless it is supported by EMC. Expanding striped metavolume requires the use of a […]

UIM/P 4.0.x is unable to install ESXi – PXE boot issue

When you’ll try provision ESXi using UIM version 4.0.x and Cisco UCS 2.1(3x) it might fail to install OS.

Installer hangs on s.v00 file and keeps rebooting.

There is an issue with the pxelinux third party software version utilized by UIM/P 4.0.0, UIM/P 4.0.0 Patch 1, and UIM/P 4.0.0 Patch 2, for OS installation.

To […]

EMC UIM: Mapping data failed, Failed to associate storage volume

EMC UIM v 4.0 Patch 2

During datastore provisioning EMC UIM created a LUN but did not add it to any of the Storage Groups and failed with “Mapping data failed” error:

Mapping data failed

Failed to associate storage volume

* Unable to push to device

* Unspecified Error. [ManagedObject] Action completed with a warning… […]

EMC UIM Service Adoption Utility (SAU): Unable to adopt a Shared Storage Service

I tried to adopt a Shared Storage Service but it failed with the following error message:

Discovery Validation failed. Reason: Storage Pools – %Pool_Name% need to be graded in UIM

I checked Storage Pool configuration and confirmed it has been graded correctly. In my environment there are two Vblocks that are managed by […]

EMC UIM Unified Infrastructure Manager/ Provisioning. Version 4.0 Patch 02

Hurray! EMC UIM 4.0 Patch 02 has been released! Lots of new features and bug fixes!

New features and changes Decommission of shared storage service

When using UIM 4.0 and UIM 4.0 Patch 01 to perform a full decommission of a shared storage service, VMs were correctly deleted from the shared storage service, however VMs […]

EMC UIM Service Adoption Utility (SAU): Adopting a Shared Storage Service

This is the second article about EMC UIM Service Adoption Utility (SAU) and takes you through the adoption of Shared Storage Service. For Standard Service adoption please refer to “EMC UIM Service Adoption Utility (SAU)” article.

EMC UIM 4.0 introduced a new type of service – Shared Storage Service. This type of service allows you […]

EMC UIM Service Adoption Utility (SAU)

The EMC® Ionix™ Unified Infrastructure Manager/Provisioning Service Adoption Utility is used to adopt services on VCE Vblock™ Infrastructure Platforms that were not created using EMC® Ionix™ Unified Infrastructure Manager/Provisioning (UIM/P). Once discovered, these services are adopted and managed by UIM/P. The Service Adoption Utility also is used to edit services and to generate reports summarising […]