After upgrading Cisco UCS B200 M4 blade firmware from 2.2(3e) to 2.2(5c) the following minor fault appeared:

Apparently, it is known Cisco bug.

Cisco Bug: CSCut10525: FlexFlash FFCH_ERROR_OLD_FIRMWARE_RUNNING error on B200 M4 Quickview: Details:

Symptom: After updating B200 M4 server firmware using MR3 build 169 bundle B, FFCH_ERROR_OLD_FIRMWARE_RUNNING is displayed on fault […]

HOW TO: Configure Cisco UCS power management for VMware DPM

Login to Cisco UCS Manager Configure Service Profile Management IP address Servers – Service Profile – Actions – Change Management IP address Change/Create IPMI user Servers – Policies – IPMI Access Policies IPMI over LAN – Enable Create IPMI user. The user name is CaseSENSITIVE! Check the policy is associated to the Service Profile […]

HOW TO: Configure Cisco UCS Manager LDAP/AD Users Authentication

Login to the UCS Manager as admin and navigate to Admin / User Management: Right-click on LDAP Providers and select Create LDAP Provider Bind DN: CN=DirectoryBind,OU=ServiceAccounts,OU=Administration,DC=internal,DC=vstrong,DC=local Base DN: DC=internal,DC=vstrong,DC=local Filter: sAMAccountName=$userid Click Next Click Finish Right-click on LDAP Provider Groups and select Create LDAP Provider Group Type the Group name and include appropriate LDAP […]

Unable to create Tech Support file for UCS Manager – workspace partition is full.

Creation of ‘ucsm’ Tech Support file (Technical support data for the entire UCSM instance) for UCS Manager has failed with the following error message:

‘Failed to create the Technical Support file. Please make sure that there is enought space on bootflash. For Example:- You can delete unused firmware images to free up bootflash space’


EMC Ionix UIM/P: UCS Discovery Failed. Replace expired UCS certificate.

Cisco UCS Manager certificate expired and we had to re-generate it. See my ‘HOW TO: Regenerate expired UCS Manager certificate‘ blog post for details.

How to replace UCS certificate that was imported into UIM/P?

Well, in UIM/P 3.2 it is dead easy:

cd /opt/ionix-uim/tools ./

enter UCS IP address and UIM/P will do the rest. […]

UCS Manager 2.1 “Delmar” Released

New Hardware Features in Release 2.1 Release 2.1(1a) adds support for the following: Cisco UCS CNA M73KR-Q Adapter for B-series M3 VIC 1225 Adapter for C-series C420 M3 Server New Software Features in Release 2.1 Release 2.1(1a) adds support for the following: Storage UCSM based FC Zoning – Direct Connect Topologies Multi-Hop FCoE Unified Appliance […]

HOW TO: Regenerate expired UCS Manager certificate

The default (self-signed) UCSM keyring certificate must be manually regenerated if the cluster name changes or the certificate expires (it is valid for one year).

Affected object: sys/pki-ext/keyring-default Description: default Keyring’s certificate is invalid, reason: expired Cause: invalid-keyring-certificate Code: F0910

Here is what needs to be done:

Make sure Fabric Interconnects have correct time […]

HOW TO: Upgrade Cisco UCS Manager, Fabric Interconnects, I/O Modules and B-Series blade server firmware

These instructions are for Cisco UCS B200 M2 blade server firmware upgrade from 2.0(1q) to 2.0(3a) (Vblock support matrix 2.5.9).

Before you start downloading firmware and upgrading UCS Manager and the blades, it may be a good idea to go through some housekeeping: Login to UCS Manager. Verify overall status of Fabric Interconnects, I/O Modules, […]