HOW TO: Ensure Trend Micro Deep Security Agent is installed and running on RHEL

Login as root; Confirm Trend Micro Deep Security Agent is installed: [root@RHEL001 ~]# rpm -qa | grep ds_agent* ds_agent-9.0.0-2008.x86_64 Review status of the Trend Micro Deep Security Agent service: [root@RHEL001 ~]# /etc/init.d/ds_agent status ds_agent is stopped Restart the Trend Micro Deep Security Agent Service: [root@RHEL001 ~]# /etc/init.d/ds_agent restart Stopping ds_agent: [FAILED] Starting ds_agent: [ […]

Trend Micro Deep Security Manager 8.0 Service Pack 2

Trend Micro Deep Security 8.0 SP2 is now released and posted in the download center.

What’s New in Service Pack 2: Support for VMware ESXi 5.1 as well as ESXi 5.0 Windows 8 / Server 2012 Support Real time notification from DSA to DSM on AM detection. Added a feature to send Anti-Malware detection events […]

Trend Micro DSVA error: dsvatool failed to config i/f (256)

I had an issue when during morning checks quite a few VMs reported “Communication Error”. On a close inspection all of them were running on a particular ESX host. DSVA’s status was “Component Update Failure”. Restart of the DSVA did not help. I vMotioned all VMs off that host and tried to deactivate DSVA but […]

HOW TO: Upgrade vShield Manager, vShield Endpoint and don’t break Trend Micro DSVA

We are currently in a process of upgrading out VMware environment to 5.0 Update 1 and therefore need to upgrade vShiled Manager and Vmware Endpoint. We managed to get Trend Micro Deep Security Virtual Appliances under control (See my “Trend Micro Deep Security: Anti-Malware Engine Offline” post) and did not want vShield Manager upgrade to […]

HOW TO: Increase or decrese dubugging level in Trend Micro Deep Security Virtual Appliance DSVA

The default debug log level in Trend Micro DSVA is 5. To check current debug log level run this command:

grep LOG_EMERG /var/log/syslog

If DSVA was restarted recently and debug level has not been reconfigured since last reboot, you will not get any LOG_EMERG results. The only way to check current debug log level is […]

Trend Micro Deep Security: Anti-Malware Engine Offline

In my ongoing battle with Trend Micro Deep Security I came across another problem / strange behavior. Virtual machines running on a particular host had Anti-Malware Engine Offline status.

DSVA was Managed (Online) and did not present any other issues. Going through the usual sequence <Clear Warnings/Errors> – <Check Status> did not clear the […]

HOW TO: Check if VMware vShield driver is installed and running

Login to the server Run msinfo32.exe Navigate to “Software Components“, “System Drivers“ Check if the ‘vsepflt‘ / ‘VFileFilter‘ system driver is in the list and the state is ‘Running’