EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS) Policy Manager 6.6 “General System Error”

I installed ECM Secure Remote Services (ESRS) Policy Manager 6.6 using default settings. Launching the application page (https://name_or_IP:8443/aps/) failed with General System Error, see screenshot for details.

General System Error: An unknown error was detected, please contact your system administrator with the details below: FaultEvent fault=[RPC Fault faultString=” : Failed to get root light group” […]

EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS) Policy Manager 6.6 Error #2032

When you open EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS) Policy Manager 6.6 URL “http://localhost:8443/aps“, you are unable to log in and the Policy Manager displays blue/gray screen with the “Error #2032” in the bottom center of the window.

Policy Manager 6.6 requires that the web client have Flash 11 or above installed. The Policy Manager […]

HOW TO: Configure EMC XtremIO user with Public Key authentication

EMC XtremIO array supports two types of authentication for internal users:

password public key

In case the user account is used to run scripts and you don’t want to expose the password, using public key authentication would be the preferred method.

In the following example we will configure Linux user to connect to XtremIO:

Login […]

HOW TO: Configure smart zoning on Cisco MDS 9148s

New VSAN is configured in enhanced mode and we’re utilised smart zoning:

Switch01# sh zone status vsan 10 VSAN: 10 default-zone: deny distribute: full Interop: default mode: enhanced merge-control: allow <<— session: cli [admin] hard-zoning: enabled broadcast: unsupported smart-zoning: enabled <<— rscn-format: fabric-address Default zone: qos: none broadcast: unsupported ronly: unsupported Full Zoning Database : […]

HOW TO: Configure EMC XtremIO LDAP/AD Users Authentication

The EMC XtremIO Storage Array supports LDAP users’ authentication. Once configured for LDAP authentication, the XMS redirects users’ authentication to the configured LDAP or Active Directory (AD) servers and allows access to authenticated users only. Users’ XMS permissions are defined, based on a mapping between the users’ LDAP/AD groups and XMS roles.

The XMS server […]

EMC World 2015: Exam discounts and special offers

EMC World 2015 returns to The Venetian in Las Vegas, NV on May 4-7.


There are special offers and discount available to those who will be taking exams at the EMC World:

EMC Customers and Partners

Take an EMC Proven Professional exam ($200 value) for free. This exclusive offer can be applied toward your […]

EMC UIM/P is unable to synchronize adopted VPLEX service

EMC UIM/P displays the following error message:

ID returned is Invalid request – Invalid Disk.key and Disk.uuid and Disk.lun – Must specify one

In /opt/ionix-uim/slm/log/slm.log you can see error similar to:

2014-12-11 10:42:27,464 I TP-Processor22 VcenterImportUtilityService Built import request <ImportRequest name="Management-Cluster" url="" username="SSO_U_UIMP_MGMT_VC_ADMIN" password="oYilo2_Iqv9AUcCkmqF7LF8kRVBfzaLPPJW8AM1MOZfj5FHTcg" path="Management-DC/Management-Cluster"> <Cluster drsEnabled="true" drsAutomationLevel="fullyAutomated" drsMigrationThreshold="1" dpmEnabled="true" dpmEnablement="automated" dpmThreshold="1" haEnabled="true" enableHostMonitoring="true" enableAdmissionControl="false" […]

Networker quick script Mitrend assessment: type: NSR not found

I submitted the output of networkerquick.bat script file to Mitrend for assessment but it got rejected because ‘type: NSR‘ was not found in the output.

This turned out to be an issue with the version of NetWorker server I tried to run the script on. The customer had NetWorker 8.0.1.Build.123 installed which is a DA […]

EMC RecoverPoint & VMware SRM/SRA compatibility matrix

I am currently upgrading VMware vSphere infrastructure from 5.0 Update 2 to 5.5 U1. As part of the upgrade, I need to upgrade VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 5.0.1 to 5.5.1 which is quite straight forward. Check out this and this articles.

But what about EMC RecoverPoint? We are currently running RecoverPoint 3.5 SP2 (p74) […]

EMC RecoverPoint upgrade fails: Unable to distribute ISO file.

EMC RecoverPoint 3.5.1 to 4.0 P1 upgrade fails.

During RecoverPoint “Prepare for Upgrade” wizard the RP upgrade ISO file were uploaded to the RPA. The problem was that the file name did not contain the MD5 checksum in the file name, i.e. “rel4.0.SP2.P1_m.29_release_emc.iso“.

Note from EMC RecoverPointSE Upgrade Guide:

IMPORTANT For all options, the ISO […]