Cannot fetch NSX Controllers after NSX Manager upgrade

I am upgrading NSX Manager from 6.1.4 to 6.2 in the environment with two vCenters configured in Linked Mode.

When NSX Manager was upgraded in one of them and vCenter Web Client service restarted, I logged back to the Web Client to proceed with the upgrade.  Both NSX Managers were visible and correct versions were displayed.  Upon navigating to Networking & Security / Installation / Management, the list of NSX Controllers could not be fetched and the following error was displayed:

Cannot fetch NSX Controllers
faultCode:Server.Processing faultString:’java.lang.NullPointerException : null’ faultDetail:’null’

Suspecting there may be a compatibility issue between the new NSX Manager Web Client extension and the old version, I tried to restart vCenter Web Client service on the vCenter where NSX Manager was not upgraded yet but it did not help.

To proceed with the upgrade I stopped the NSX Management Service on the second vCenter and re-lauched Web Client.

As suspected, Web Client successfully discovered one NSX Manager and all three NSX Controllers.

NSX Manager Upgrade NSX Controllers

Click on the Upgrade Available to upgrade NSX Controllers.

Hope this will help.

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