EMC UIM/P cannot start vCenter synchronization

Environment: EMC UIM 4.0 upgraded to UIM 4.1

You may get the following error messages when trying to start vCenter synchronization:

  • * Error initiating synchronization.
    EMC UIM - Cannot Sync vCenter -1
  • viu.error: key not found
    EMC UIM - Cannot Sync vCenter -2

This happens because UIM/P 4.1 doesn’t like special characters like ‘ & ‘ and ‘ ! ‘ etc. in neither Service Offering name nor in Service description.

EMC UIM - Supported Characters

The resolution depends on where you have unwanted special character.

If it’s in the Description field only:

  • Select your Service;
  • Click on edit;
  • On general tab click edit and modify description;
  • Click on Save, click on Close and retry synchronization.

If it’s in Service Offering name – use SAU or contact VCE  Support:

  • Rediscover Vblock;
  • Perform full database backup using /opt/ionix-uim/tools/ script;
  • Make a note of current vCenter settings;
  • Unmanage Service using SAU;
  • Mark old Service Offering unavailable and delete it;
  • Re-adopt Service – make sure you don’t not use special characters;
  • Put back vCenter settings to your service;
  • Retry synchronization.

(c) Zbigniew ‘Ziggy’ Misiak

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