EMC UIM/P cannot discover VNX Control Station after failover

Last night we had a Control Station failover on VNX7500 and before we could fail it back (Change Control etc etc) I needed to create a new Service Offering in EMC UIM/P. Naturally, I logged into UIM/P, changed Control Station IP address in the Vblock configuration and ran Vblock discovery again. Unfortunately, it failed on Control Station discovery.

Here is the error message:

Details revealed the following:

Action completed successfully... found 1 reachable IP address out of 1 ping request
Discovering device type and communication protocols for device (
+++ Device authenticated and credentials identified
---- Driver (#4002:EMC VNX File) could not discover
----> Refer additional details below.
----> Did not receive SMI-S Provider version information
----> Please run 'dv' command of /opt/emc/ECIM/ECOM/bin/TestSmiProvider and ensure command completes successfully
----> dv
----> ++++ Display version information ++++
----> CIM ObjectManager Name: EMC:VNX001B.*
----> CIMOM Version: EMC CIM Server Version
----> Error: malformed object name: VNX001B.*
----> Retrieve and Display data - 1 Iteration(s) In 0.283212 Seconds
----> Please press enter key to continue...
. . . . .
----> Namespace: root/emc
----> repeat count: 1
----> ( ? q
----> Disconnected from
----> +++++ /opt/emc/ECIM/ECOM/bin/TestSmiProvider Terminated Normally
----> Could not verify SMI-S Provider access on port 5989 to address
---- Could not discover driver using SSH
( Valid Credentials Found, but could not determine driver for device

What is this VNX001B.* Where the hell the * (asterisk) came from? I logged into Unisphere, checked Control Station Properties and voila:

Disclaimer: is used to protect the guilty.

I re-configured DNS domain name, NTP server IP addresses and the timezone which were also wrong.

Before we discover Vblock/Control Station again we need to restart CIM service on the Control Station:

cd /celerra/wbem/bin/start_cim_server
./start_cim_server /celerra/wbem

Discovery should now finish successfully!

PS You can manually test connectivity from UIM/P to the Control Station
SSH to UIM/P, run these commands:

cd /opt/emc/ECIM/ECOM/bin

PPS If you are really fast, you can ‘catch’ the moment UIM/P connects to the Control Station:

netstat -an | grep 5989
tcp        0      0 :::5989                     :::*                        LISTEN
tcp        0      0 ::ffff:<CS_IP_ADDRESS>:5989     ::ffff:<UIM/P_IP_ADDRESS>:57081    ESTABLISHED

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