UIM/P with VMAX – unable to expand striped meta volumes

Currently UIM/P is unable to expand striped metavolumes on EMC VMAX.

If you try to expand stripped metavolume, you get the following error message:

Why is it not supported by UIM? Simple answer is because it’s quite complicated procedure. But nevertheless it is supported by EMC. Expanding striped metavolume requires the use of a […]

UIM/P 4.0.x is unable to install ESXi – PXE boot issue

When you’ll try provision ESXi using UIM version 4.0.x and Cisco UCS 2.1(3x) it might fail to install OS.

Installer hangs on s.v00 file and keeps rebooting.

There is an issue with the pxelinux third party software version utilized by UIM/P 4.0.0, UIM/P 4.0.0 Patch 1, and UIM/P 4.0.0 Patch 2, for OS installation.

To […]

HOW TO: Backup / Restore EMC UIM/P database, collect the logs.

Backup/Restore UIM/P database: uim001:/opt/ionix-uim/tools # ./ Would you like to back up your current data? [y/n] y Backing up database… Backing up files… Building backup image file… Backup file created: /opt/ionix-uim/data-image/backup-image- To restore this data file, type: backup-image- Collect UIM/P logs: uim001:/opt/ionix-uim/tools # ./ all adding: opt/ionix-uim/logs/cflist.3.log (deflated 95%) adding: opt/ionix-uim/logs/ssh.log (stored 0%) {skipped} […]

EMC UIM/P (Nimbus) review

I have been a big fan of UIM/P for a long time. I blogged vastly on the subject and was pleased to receive an invitation to take part in new version of BETA (codename Nimbus) testing. I would like to thank EMC UIM/P team for the privilege and am looking forward to cooperate with them […]

EMC UIM/P and Thick LUNs

EMC Unified Infrastructure Manager for Provisioning is a great product! It saves you a lot of time and helps you to automate a lot of tasks. The product has been in constant development and starting from v 3.0 finally became a product you would use on a regular basis. The upcoming new version of UIM/P […]

EMC UIM/P: Server Provisioning failed: Could not create zones.

EMC UIM/P server provisioning failed with the following error message:

This error message is not a problem with UIM/P (Come on! Stop blaming UIM for everything!), it is Cisco MDS SAN switch “Enhanced zoning” feature.

Enhanced zoning uses a session locking facility like CFS to prevent simultaneous zoning configuration changes by two users on […]

EMC UIM/P: OS image is not available after upgrade

I discovered another post-upgrade problem with UIM/P. I could not select OS image when configuring a new Service Offering in UIM/P.

UIM/P 3.2: UIM/P 4.0 BETA (Nimbus): When you click on ‘Enable Connection’ the following error messages displayed:

The passphrase used in both of the following files did not match, causing the password failure for […]

HOW TO: Decommission and delete Service Offering in EMC Ionix UIM/P

Login to UIM/P management interface as sysadmin; Navigate to ‘Service Manager’ and highlight the service you would like to decommission or delete; Click ‘Deactivate’ and select servers you would like to remove from the service or select ALL, click on Deactivate; The servers will be powered off, Service Profile and vNIC(s) de-activated:

VEXC101, […]

EMC Ionix UIM/P: UCS Discovery Failed. Replace expired UCS certificate.

Cisco UCS Manager certificate expired and we had to re-generate it. See my ‘HOW TO: Regenerate expired UCS Manager certificate‘ blog post for details.

How to replace UCS certificate that was imported into UIM/P?

Well, in UIM/P 3.2 it is dead easy:

cd /opt/ionix-uim/tools ./

enter UCS IP address and UIM/P will do the rest. […]

HOW TO: Reset EMC UIM/P sysadmin or root password

By default, the password for EMC UIM/P sysadmin account is ‘sysadmin‘.

If, for whatever reason, it does not work, ssh or login to the console as root and reset sysadmin password:

login as: root Using keyboard-interactive authentication. Password: Last login: Wed Feb 20 18:42:28 2013 uim001:~ # cd /opt/ionix-uim/tools uim001:/opt/ionix-uim/tools # perl +========================================================+ […]